Since ancient times, sugar has played an important role in the human history and continued to enrich people's lives. Mitsui Sugar has spent half a century focusing on the potential of these beautiful, shining crystals that are created from sugar cane, and pursuing their infinite possibilities. Our history shows how sugar had evolved from raw sugar to functional sweeteners, and ultimately, to sugar cane extracts. At Mitsui Sugar, we have begun our renewed quest to deliver even healthier lifestyle not only to Japan but to countries all over the world.

Since the time of its establishment, Mitsui Sugar has been undertaking a wide range of activities not only domestically but also overseas, such as contributing to the infrastructure surrounding farms and factories in Thailand. Not just with sugar but by realizing new forms of sugar, we reach out to people in Japan and around the world. We will continue to put smiles on people's faces.

Ancient times The first sweet taste that human beings discovered was honey. A picture of human beings gathering honey during the latter period of the Paleolithic Age remains in the ruins of the Arania caves in Spain.
B.C. 'In India people make honey from reed stalks without the help of bees.' In B.C.334, Alexander the Great discovered sugar cane in the Indus River delta while on an expedition to India.
19th century The Industrial Revolution in England brought about major technical innovations, even in the sugar manufacturing industry. Due to the 19th century inventions of vacuum pan and the centrifugal curing process, highly refined and uniform quality sugar could be produced in large quantities.
1940 Establishment
Yokohama Sugar Co.,Ltd., Shibaura Sugar Co.,Ltd. and Osaka Sugar Co.,Ltd. successively established their businesses.
1950 Taito Co.,Ltd. began sugar business
Assets of Taiwan Seito Co.,Ltd. were transferred to Taito Co.,Ltd., and it began sugar business.
1959 Birth of the SPOON brand
This year provided the opportunity for the SPOON brand name to spread through the entire nation and become established as the top brand.
1962 In support of Bell Mark
Products bear the Bell Mark for the first time. Since then, the company has consistently contributed to the Bell Mark activities.
1963 Sugar plant set up in Thailand
The present The Kumphawapi Sugar Co., Ltd. is established as The Shibato (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
1970 Mitsui Sugar Co.,Ltd. was founded
With the merger of Yokohama Sugar Co.,Ltd., Shibaura Sugar Co.,Ltd. and Osaka Sugar Co., Ltd., Mitsui Sugar Co.,Ltd. was founded.
1971 First stick sugar in Japan
The still popular 'Tea Time Mate' was the pioneer of stick-type sugar.
1984 New sweetener made from sugar
World's first successful mass production of PALATINOSE®. And also start of sales of ISOMALT in 1990.
2001 Founding of Shin Mitsui Sugar Co.,Ltd.
With the merger of Mitsui Sugar Co.,Ltd. and Shin-Meito Co.,Ltd., Shin Mitsui Sugar Co.,Ltd. was founded.
2005 Founding of Mitsui Sugar Co.,Ltd.
With the merger of Shin Mitsui Sugar Co.,Ltd., Taito Co.,Ltd., and KS Co.,Ltd., Mitsui Sugar Co.,Ltd. was founded.
2009 The 50th anniversary of the SPOON brand
SPOON brand marked its 50th anniversary as a top brand of sugar since its establishment in 1959. The company conducted various sales promotions.
2010 Launch of “Soft Brown Sugar” products in environmentally-friendly packaging
Reduced the weight of plastic bags by introducing a new material, “nano-hybrid capsule 2.” Reduced CO2 emissions.