To deliver new values to people's lives, we at Mitsui Sugar carry out diverse R&D operations, from exploring beneficial elements contained in sugar cane and developing new sweeteners and applications, to studying food sciences and biotechnologies. With the hope of making new findings, we actively promote collaborative research with research institutes and affiliated companies.

Sugar cane is not only a source of sugar, but also holds great potential for general health and wellbeing. We are exploring the beneficial functionand membrane use. Various types of polyphenol were discovered in the non-sugar components of sugar cane. Through the collaborative research of associates and research institutes, the capacity of polyphenol to strengthen immunity and prevent liver ailments has been confirmed. As a result, it has been widely used in various fields such as food, fodder, cosmetics and toiletry products. Furthermore, recent research suggests that sugar cane extract has antioxidant effect etc. and we are promoting applied research for these effects.

Functional sweeteners support the development of tastier and healthier foods. We are promoting the development of new sweeteners by using a traditional manufacturing processing using fixed enzymes and bioreactors. PALATINOSE® is a sweetener that is already used in various foods and beverages. It is unlikely to cause sudden elevation of blood sugar and insulin levels so it is expected to be useful in foods that are intended to prevent 'lifestyle' diseases. In addition, we have study of physiological functions such as enhancing mental concentration, suppression of visceral fat accumulation and maintenance of fat oxidation during exercise.

To meet customers' needs we aim to develop the best products using the highest quality raw materials. Our products such as 'Yanbaruto', 'Honkibi-Akato' and 'One-half white sugar', Improvement of the taste quality of sweetener with a high degree of sweetness using glucosyl hesperidin, for health and weight-control have unique characteristics. In sugar cane producing areas such as Okinawa, we are trying to develop these unique products.

In the field of biotechnology, we carry out basic research and application of biochemistry that make use of natural substances, microorganisms and enzymes. Our efforts to develop new substances through exploring new physiologically active substances and elucidating their structures have won praises from numerous academic societies both in Japan and overseas. In the food science department, we developed three basic edible colors which biotechnology had created from plant extracts. We also carry out research and development that utilize the latest technologies, such as flavor-locking technology to produce powder aroma chemicals from sugars, and technology to dry up substances and change them into powder form without losing their flavor.