As a food supplier, we regard safety, security and high quality as our most important themes. At Mitsui Sugar, we pursue safety and enhance quality under a rigorous quality control setup from the procurement of raw sugar to the manufactured product. As the industry's leading company, moreover, we do our utmost to preserve the environment and to carry out environmentally-friendly operations.

We seek out top quality raw materials. In the procurement of raw material, we make full use of our information networks to gather data and to ensure the stability and quality of raw material from both domestic and overseas sources. Domestically, we source products from Okinawa, Kagoshima and Hokkaido, and overseas from Thailand, Australia and South Africa.

We enforce strict quality and hygiene control at our factories with our ISO9001 system through a high level materials management system. In each of our factories, we actively work towards environmental preservation, as well as quality control. We have started to use LNG fuel and we ensure strict control of industrial waste and recycling.

We have a nationwide network supply chain for all kinds of products and we are well known for our liquid sugar production techniques, which led to the successful commercialization of liquid sugar for the first time in Japan. Liquid sugar is mostly sold to soft-drinks companies and it is transported by trucks with ten-ton tanks. For delivery of granule sugar, hygienic flexible containers (1 ton) and ten-ton trucks are used to meet the various demands of the food industry.