We have adopted the following mission at Mitsui Sugar since our establishment in 1947 : Continue supporting and conveying the traditional food culture of Japan through the manufacture and sale of sugar - a basic food and basic flavoring-with the trust supported by the SPOON Brand as our foundation.
Demand for sugar has been decreasing year by year in Japan. This is due to the low birthrate/aging population and changes in consumer preferences. However, global demand for sugar has been increasing due to the economic growth and population increase in emerging nations. Therefore, there is still room for growth in the sugar industry. Some of the companies that form the roots of Mitsui Sugar took their dreams to the world and were responsible for building up the sugar business.
These companies expanded into Taiwan and the South Sea Islands 100 years ago and then Thailand 50 years ago. Mitsui Sugar will continue to inherit the frontier spirit of that time. Then, we will continue to open up new markets by building the stage for growth based on the sugar industry around the world with China and the Southeast Asian regions as our bases.
Mitsui Sugar has continued to take advantage of the knowledge and technologies we have built up over the years to develop new ingredients centered on the sugar, functional carbohydrates, sugarcane and sugar beet sectors. This has allowed us to provide the market with sugar products (e.g. brown sugar), functional carbohydrates derived from sugar (e.g. Palatinose®) and sugarcane extract that takes advantage of sugarcane ingredients. We will continue to create completely new value in the areas of health, deliciousness and the environment by developing applications for our own ingredients and carrying out functional research. We will continue to make proposals that can meet the needs of our customers.
Mitsui Sugar regards the trust placed in our products and services by our consumers and customers as valuable assets. Our aim is to continue stably providing safe products that offer peace of mind. Together with this, we are looking to actively reduce our environmental impact and work on CSR activities as a member of society so that we are a group of companies which provide the SPOON Brand that continues to meet the trust and expectations of everyone.