Natural sugar cane is from where Mitsui Sugar all began. Our mission is to use these blessings of nature to create and deliver foods that are delicious and safe to eat, and which make people healthier and happier, body and soul.
We hope to contribute to society through our three core business operations: sugar, food science, and real estate.

Sugar is essential for cooking and food processing. SPOON brand products, from home use to business use, have been favored throughout the company's fifty years history.To consistently supply improved products, we undertake thorough quality and production control right from the time of delivery of raw materials up until our products arrive safely at our customers' homes. We carefully study and develop methods that improve the taste and make sugar healthier. The SPOON brand aim is to contribute to a more healthy and joyful dining experience through sugar.

Using "Expansion from sugar" as key slogan, our Food Science Business strives to commercialize functional sweeteners as well as beneficial elements contained in sugar cane. We bring together an array of technologies and expertise to explore ways to enhance people's mental and physical health as well as product safety, and propose the potentials of new materials. We also use the ingredients we have developed to create products that our customers look for, so as to meet their needs that continue to diversify and become sophisticated.

Mitsui Sugar intends to contribute to the community as a sugar manufacturer close to their lives. As a part of our contribution, we are diversifying by focusing on the real estate business. Within this area, we lease land and buildings for active use. Also, we are developing a warehouse business that contribute to the food distribution. We hope to contribute to the improvement of resident's lives and the development of the community, including office buildings, shopping malls, rental apartments, home centers etc., through our real estate business.